Production / Rates




A written contract between the client will be provided/required upon hire.

The basic ideas of the contract is what the Producer (Rene Rivas)

And said client expect from the commissioned project.

50% deposit (Retainer) required upon hire / Contracts will be for invoice's over $500

INVOICES That have not been payed for over the span of a week

will be billed a %10 late fee (%10 of commissioned job)



A. Details about the project

Date + Time of shoots, equipment used, editing, etc

B. What the client + Producer will do with the video

Client has permission to post the video

online/social media to sell to customers.

Rene Rivas Productions has the right to use the

commissioned video/photo/media

work to promote Rene Rivas Productions on websites/social media/demo reels..

(TOTAL EXCLUSIVITY) can be an option for additional fee.

C. No Guarantees

The Producer will do his best to ensure that the commissioned

project is made to the clients specifications, but unforeseen

circumstances may prevent this. I.e unavoidable sound interference, 

equipment failure, overheating, weather/rain/snow.

D. Re-edits of the commissioned project

Once the project is complete, the client has one chance to implement revisions.

(within 2 days upon turning over the finished product) to change the work.

Minor revisions such as adding/removing clips/sound adjustments/title cards

(Initial edits do not apply/rates do not apply)

For additional changes after the initial re-edit, editing rates will apply.

E. Safety 

If said commissioned project puts the producer/equipment in danger,

then the producer may be forced to leave the shoot.

F. Notarizing commissioned job.

A invoice/receipt will be provided upon payment.

G. Duration Producer keeps a back up of said product  

6 Months




DJI Ronin-M 3 Axis camera Stabilizer + Wireless Thumb Controller ($350 Minimum booking)

Sony A6500 X2 :

Sony A7S  : 

GoPro HERO5 Black : 

Shoulder Mount :

Konovo K2 Slider :

"3 Wireless Softbox Flash Kit

ATOMOS Ninja Inferno 4K Pro Res Recorder:



RODE VideoMic Pro X2 +

Windscreen :



Century Stand X2 :

Knuckle X2 :

1X Baby Pin :

LED 960 :

LED 480 :

LED 308 :

LED 160 :

Matte Box :


24X36' DIFFUSUR : 

A/V :

Lilyput 7' Wireless Directors Monitor (ADD $200)

Lilyput 7' Reference Monitor (ADD $100)



Adobe Premiere CC 2018 : Final Cut Pro 7, X : Adobe Photoshop Lightroom : Adobe Photoshop : Adobe After Effects 


Wedding Services :

Film and Photography services for your upcoming wedding!

(%50 retainer required upon hire)


Wedding Film's


Packages available 

Wedding Photography 

(1 week or less turnaround)


Dual Package

Wedding Film + Wedding Photography

$2000 + Selected Package price

(1 week turnaround)


Corporate Promos

4K Camera Package

Gimbal Stabilizer

LED Lighting Package included


(1 week turnaround)



Film Services: (1 Hour minimum booking rate)

(Film services are for Production only/does not come with editing services. Does not apply with Wedding rates)

(92% of B2B customers watch online video, %43 of them research products and services online, %54 search Youtube/Vimeo)

(DJI Ronin-m)


(Manfrotto Tripods)


(Shoulder mount)

(RODE Video Mic Pro X2)

LED Lighting Package (LED 960/480/308/160)

Full Day : $500 (8 hours)

Half Day : $350 (4 hours)

Hourly : $100




Photo Services:  (1 Hour minimum booking rate)

(Does not apply to Wedding or Corporate Rates)

(Sony a6500/Sony a7s) + ('3 Wireless Softbox Flash Kit X2) + (Product Photography Light-box)

Full day : $500 (8 hours)

Half Day $300 (4 hours)

Hourly : $100





(Editing time is notarized/logged)

(Adobe Premiere CC 2018, Final Cut Pro 7, X, Adobe Lightroom) 

Film $30/hr or Per Film Basis

Photo: $30/hr or Per Photo Batch Basis


Color Correction/Grading/Composites/Chroma Key :

(Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Mojo)

Coming soon : Davinci Resolve

$250 : 1-3 minute video.

$500 : 4-10 minute video.

$750 : 11-15 minute video.

$1000 : 16-30 minute video.

$1500 : 31-45 minute video.

$2000: 45-60 minute video.

$5000: 60-90 Minute Feature Film

$7000: 90-120 Minute Feature Film




Audio Engineering:

Pro Tools (10+ years)

Ableton LIVE (4+ years)

Audio Tracking : Acquisition : Editing : 

Full day : $500 (8 hours)

Half day : $250 (4 hours)

Hourly : $75

Beat Production : Producing since 2001 : TR-808-TR-909-TR-707 - Samples Etc.

Ableton LIVE : Pro Tools : Maschine : Novation Launchpad : KORG Emx1 (analog)

Produce/Track/edit a single track : $100

Produce/Track/edit a 3 track EP : $300

Produce/Track/edit a 6 track EP : $500

Produce/Track/edit 9 track LP : $1500




Social Media/Advertising:

Can run/mange/update a social media platform of your choice.

1. Social Media page : (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Facebook)

2. Frequency of posts

A. A post/update once a week $25

B. A post/update twice a week : $50

C. Every day : $150 a week




Notice : 50% deposit (Retainer) required upon hire. In the event of cancellation within a weeks notice, a %25 of sale cancellation fee is applied

Due upon receipt. 


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All rights reserved.